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Embryo Transfer

At Glenwood Stud we are proud to be able to offer an Embryo Transfer service.


This procedure is becoming increasingly common for competition mares who are unable to carry their own pregnancy due to health reasons or competition commitments. One of our stallions, Wise Guy R has a progeny called Zutopia who was conceived via Embryo Transfer. 



During an Embryo Transfer, the donor mare is inseminated with chilled or frozen semen as usual and then the embryo is flushed from the mare’s uterus on or around day 7 after ovulation.


The embryo is then processed and non-surgically transferred into a recipient mare’s uterus. The cycle of the recipient mare has been synchronised with that of the donor mare.


The recipient mare will then carry the pregnancy until full term/foaling. We have had clients who have used a recipient mare of their own. Or utilise the recipient mare service from an external

facility, please speak to the Stud Manager



At Glenwood we have a fully equipped lab for undertaking the Embryo Transfer process. 


If you have any questions regarding this service please contact our Stud Managers Rob Williams Mobile: 07939 501357 

Val Williams Mobile: 07581 185780 




Embryo Transfer here at Glenwood Stud

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