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Semen Assessment is a service Glenwood Stud International offers to Stallion owners who wish to use their Stallions for AI purposes or perhaps store their stallion's semen for later use.


The Stallions have to comply with Defra rules, which we can advise on and then they can come to Stud.


They will be taught to collect from if this hasn't been done before, and then their semen will be analysed to see if it will extend for sending out purposes or freeze for storage.


If you would like further details of this service please do not hesitate to contact us.

Semen Assessment



Dummy mare at Glenwood Stud 

Outside Stallions

Glenwood provides a service for Stallion owners which is one stage up from semen assessment. 


Stallions who have already come to Glenwood for a Semen Assessment can also use the Stud facilities for Artificial Insemination (AI) purposes.

This means if someone orders semen from their Stallion, they can come to Stud and be collected from, and the semen sent out following the usual Stud procedure.

Alternatively, the mare owner can also send her mare to Glenwood and be scanned up to the optimum time and then be AI'd on site with semen from that particular Stallion.


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