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Imported Chilled, Frozen 
& Semen Storage

Glenwood Stud is an AI Centre with facilities to take in mares who require chilled or frozen semen. Rob Williams is a fully qualified & experienced AI technician, working in conjunction with Rainbow Equine.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Rob Williams Mobile: 07939 501357 

Val Williams Mobile: 07581 185780 

Semen Brought in from Outside Stallions

Glenwood provides a service for mare owners who would like to import semen from abroad or perhaps use another stallion in the UK.  We are authorised to import chilled and frozen semen from the UK, Ireland and EU states. We have frozen semen storage available as you can see in the photograph of the tanks to the right.


Glenwood Stud will deal with everything for the mare owner e.g. scanning up to and after AI, ordering of semen (unless the owner would like to deal with this part) and looking after the mare.  The semen is checked for quantity and quality and the mares will be scanned and inseminated at the optimum time for conception.


Stabling or grazing is available.  If you would like to take advantage of this service please give us a call.  


Some of the outside stallions e.g. (UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Ireland) which we have dealt with in the past are listed below:


De Nero
Watermill Swatch
Daddy Cool
Sandro Boy

Hayselden Kadmus
Cutting Edge
Primitive Fairy Tale

Eclipse van Erperkom  
Upton Deli Circus  
Country Marksman  
Ruben Star  
Devil's Jump  
Mc Jonnas  
Country Top Gun  
Primitive Star  
Cruisings Micky Finn
Contendro  I 

Chaco Blue

Balou Star


Cobra 18

Whin Whin

Escape Z

Murka's Jem

Pandito Van't  Merelsnest

Je T'aime Flamenco

Zirocco Blue

Shannondale Cristal

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